Japanese online shop Midori focuses on releases that reflect their concept of "small nature", and their latest item ties that philosophy perfectly into the cherry blossom filled spring season. Those who don't want to let go of the short but sweet cherry blossom season can literally save their memories with this visually calming sakura USB stick.

The USB stick is fittingly called "kioku", the Japanese word for "memory", and is designed somewhat as an ode to the fleeting nature of cherry blossoms, and how the storing the memories made during the few weeks they have to enjoy taking in the scenery and time-limited activities such as hanami, or flower viewing parties.

While you may not attach anything that deep to a USB memory stick, it's still pretty cool looking! It's equipped with a magnet for stability, and the pink sakura tree imagery is done with phosphorescent paint so it shines in the dark.

The stick is available in 32 and 64 GB sizes in Japan from Midori's online store, while Village Vanguard carries the 64 GB version. Amazon carries Midori items as well, so it may be wise to occasionally check their as well.

By - Big Neko.