The day fans of the long-lived Final Fantasy franchise have been waiting for is finally here. Final Fantasy VII Remake launched last night at midnight JST, and many eager fans immediately began playing.

For those who couldn't afford to stay up all night, game time started in the morning and the excitement continued throughout the day of April 10th.

Tifa trends on Twitter

While there were also many mentions of Cloud, as well as Aerith and Barett, it seems like Tifa Lockhart took most of the limelight on Japanese Twitter, with her name appearing in both Japanese and English in the top trending words all the way into the afternoon.

Popular cosplayer Chamomile (@chamomi017), who graciously allowed us to post her photo in this article, does an astonishingly good version of Tifa, as we're sure you'll agree:

Kau 鳥海かう (@kau_xoxok) also reposted her Tifa cosplay:

as did cosplayer Hirari Ann (@official_hirari):

Illustrators also joined the party, posting original work and reposting earlier artwork featuring Tifa:

Yoshiro Ambe (@y_ambe) got to an early start the day before with this beautiful illustration of Tifa waiting at the Seventh Heaven Bar:

Tea (@nakenashi), who does illustrations for light novels, also drew Tifa:

As did illustrator Rin who enjoys drawing chibi characters:

It's a safe bet that Tifa and the whole cast of characters in Final Fantasy VII Remake will be making many more appearances on social media both in Japan and elsewhere, as players join the adventure with them and explore the game's exquisitely detailed and beautiful world in the days and weeks to come.

By - Ben K.