Mt. Rainier’s range of cup drinks are a staple of the chilled sections found in Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets. Although they usually deal in standard iced coffees such as cafe latte and espresso, they also dabble in some more adventurous limited time only variations.

Some are classic combinations like caramel lattes, and others involve some seasonal additions. Their latest series, leading up to the now 2021 Olympics, is inspired by Japan’s classic flavours, giving visitors and locals a convenient way to experience a taste of Japan.

The series is called 'Nippon Color Vibes', and the first in the range was a sakura-themed creation. Now the second addition is one of Japan’s most beloved flavours, green tea.

The brand’s usual espresso and milk blend is used but with the very Japanese twist of bitter Uji matcha to create a matcha cafe latte.

While many are avoiding coffee shops at the moment, and only leaving their house to go food shopping, Mt. Rainier hope their beverages can make a tasty accompaniment to working from home, or a coffee break for self-isolating green tea lovers.

This matcha coffee combo will hit Japanese stores from 21st April, costing around 150 yen.

By - Jess.