Source: @la_hosoe

The Fate of 3 Puppies Left on a Doorstep…

On March 12th, twitter user Hosoe (@la_hosoe), received an unusual LINE message from her mom. Glancing down at her phone, this is what she saw:

“When I returned to the house after finishing work in the barn, there were 3 mysterious dogs I’d never seen before waiting on the porch!”

With permission from (@la_hosoe)

This photo of 3 adorable and somewhat helpless looking puppies was sent with the message. It looks like someone abandoned them on the doorstep as they seem to be anxiously clinging together. The mysterious thing is, if they were abandoned, how did the poor pups manage to stay put on the doorstep as they awaited an uncertain fate!?

Whilst pondering this mystery, the next message from Hosoe’s mom surprised her even more….so did she say?

“I put 3 collars on them!”

That’s right, Hosoe’s mum decided to take the the adorable trio in as her own new pets. Clearly she couldn’t resist their innocent charm and kindly decided to save them. Though 3 energetic puppies is a lot to handle, it’s heartwarming to see that Hosoe’s mom saw them as mysterious gifts! This really does go to show, you never really know what fate has in “paw”!

With permission from (@la_hosoe)

As you can see from the photo, the pooches look comfortable and right at home with their new collars.

After Hosoe shared the stirring story on twitter it blew up and Hosoe received a lot of supportive comments like “Nice Mom!”, for her generous mom.

Attaching collars is a sure sign for the pups that they have a new mom, and new sister in Hosoe. Like ourselves and the rest of the internet, the pups are no doubt bow-wowed by the kindness of their new owner!

By - Toby M.