Raising kids is no easy job—there are no days off, every day is different, and it often requires juggling different things all at the same time.

These difficulties are something every parent is all too familiar with, and something that Japanese Twitter user えんどうちほ Chiho Endō (@mamechiiiii) was able to creatively express through a slightly unusual medium: Sylvanian Families dolls.

The mother of two sets up the animal figurines to display everyday occurrences in their home, which she then posted photos of on Twitter. They depict some humorous scenes she experienced as a parent, such as one kid figuring out how to open the kitchen cabinet and another kid getting stuck between the table and the chair.

With permission from えんどうちほ Chiho Endō (@mamechiiiii)

Other photos also show how dishes have piled up in their kitchen, and a different photo shows one of Endo’s kids finding the bottle of orange juice right before they have dinner.

With permission from えんどうちほ Chiho Endō (@mamechiiiii)

There are also photos that depict how stubborn kids can be. One photo shows one kid resisting being seated to eat, and one photo is captioned with the kid’s words, saying “I’m not going home if I can’t bring this branch with me.”

With permission from えんどうちほ Chiho Endō (@mamechiiiii)

The series of posts became popular on Twitter, with other parents expressing their sympathy through comments such as “I understand. My child took home (their) favorite pebbles every day” and “I laughed because I thought it was my child!”

Based on the reactions and support Ms. Endō received through her posts, they can be seen as a reminder that despite all the struggles of parenthood, parents can still find ways to see the humor in things and to connect with each other.

By - Jen Laforteza.