COVID-19 continues to menace countries across the world. Due to the rampant spread of the coronavirus, people line up in front of drugstores all over Japan even before they open, hoping they’ll be lucky enough to get their hands on a pack of facemasks.

Many have expressed their displeasure that even when a shipment of masks arrives at a store, they sell out immediately. People who work in the morning certainly have no chance of finding masks if they visit a store in the evening.

One drugstore hoped to even the odds a bit.

The Drugstore’s Announcement

Day after day Twitter user TempuraSoba (@Mikan_555) saw a long line of customers waiting in front of his local drugstore an hour before it opened.

Then one day in late-March, he noticed a sign posted in front of the store.

He shared the image on his Twitter account for all to see.

The sign reads:

Thank you for choosing to shop with us.
In order to avoid disorder, we will not be selling masks immediately upon opening this shop.
Furthermore, we are not able to disclose any information about what days or times masks will be made available for sale. We are sorry to come to this difficult decision and apologize for any inconvenience.
We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

TempuraSoba succinctly summed up the situation:

The elderly are always lined up outside of my local drugstore at 8 am, although it doesn’t open until 9 am. The store finally resorted to “guerilla sale” of masks.

Drugstore Begins “Guerilla Sales” of Masks

Ultimately, the drugstore adopted a different approach to face mask sales. Rather than selling masks upon opening, they decided to sell them at random.

This policy would seemingly dissuade customers from gathering in front of the store every morning.

What’s more, customers have no reason to chase after staff since they can’t answer when masks will be available.

Twitter users replied to TempuraSoba’s post with words of praise for the drugstore:

  • Great idea! I want people to be able to buy masks even after work.
  • I hope my local drugstore will post a sign like this too.
  • So now maybe we can buy masks at any time. I’m grateful for this clever solution.

However, some also voiced their concern that this policy could cause a rise in customers who would just remain in the store all day until masks are sold.

The coronavirus threat remains, looming over our heads, forcing us to wait patiently. Certainly, there are many who are already reaching their limit.

However, precisely because this is a time of crisis, each and every one of us need to act with consideration for others and show our true colors.

By - Mujo.