Children’s Day is a holiday in Japan when people celebrate children’s happiness and wish them good health. Taking place every May 5th, it’s not uncommon to find shops all over the country also participating in the holiday.

In anticipation of this, Queen’s Isetan, a Japanese supermarket chain, has cooked up new types of animal-shaped bread made especially for kids.

The first type of bread is shaped after the symbol of the holiday: the carp. In Japan, the fish is said to be full of energy and strength to overcome any waves that come its way. Because of this, it's become a lasting symbol for a trait that children are encouraged to aspire for.

During Children’s Day, people often hang carp-shaped paper decorations called koinobori (鯉のぼり) in their homes or on the streets. The bread being sold by Queen’s Isetan looks exactly like the koinobori decorations, albeit being less colorful than its paper counterpart.

The next bread is inspired by a different type of animal that can sometimes also be found underwater: the turtle. The “shell” is made out of melon pan, a type of sweet bun that’s incredibly popular in Japan.

The last animal-based bread depicts a bear. With its cute puffy face, it might just appeal to any kid who’s ever owned a teddy bear.

The animal breads will be sold at select Queen’s Isetan branches through the Queen’s Bakery. A list of prices along with other details can be found on their website here.

By - Jen Laforteza.