Throughout the years, iconic anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion has been be involved in a number of crossovers and collaborations, including canned coffee, 90's grunge fashion, and even samurai swords.

One could argue that Evangelion's latest collaboration with Bandai could be its biggest yet, as it's uniting the anime giant with a 90's worldwide phenomenon: Evangelion Tamagotchis that allow you to raise and look after Angels from the series!

The Evangelion take on the miniature digital pets that captivated the world are fittingly called Evatchis. They are available in three colors inspired by the design schemes of the units piloted by Shinju, Rei, and Asuka. However, the pets aren't the human pilots themselves, but actually adorable versions of the Angels they constantly do battle with!

The new Evatchis allow you to evolve more than 20 different types of Angels from a fetus to cocoon, who are a lot less threatening and a lot more cuddly when digitized as a Tamagotchi pet.

Despite being antagonists in the series, the Evatchi Angels require affection. They require energy from S2 Engines and monitoring of their LCL fluid. If you don't pay proper attention to your Angel and neglect it, they will put up an A.T. Field barrier and close their hearts off to the player. Fortunately you can build up a good affinity with your angel by playing mini-games where you guide it to dodge the Spear of Longinus and N2 Bombs.

Bandai says the Evatchis will also replay famous scenes from the anime, and have teased that you'll be able to raise human characters as well--such as Rei.

The first three Evatchis will be released in Japan on June 13th for 2,530 yen and be available at hobby and toy stores throughout Japan, as well as most online retailers and the Premium Bandai online store (which has international shipping). The official site has more information as well.

By - Big Neko.