Twitter user Mayone (@GMJpaCSCbuIDYDw) lives with his three pet Shiba Inus.

His tweets mostly consist of his adorable pups and have gained him quite the following.

Here’s a video he posted of his dogs sunbathing. When Mayone opens the door, they all look up, anticipating grub time, but stretch out again upon realizing they were mistaken.

Adorable right?

Corona What Now?

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, people across the world have implemented social distancing practices into their personal lives. Not seeing friends and going out for drinks can be tough. But walking a dog (or three, as may be the case), is permitted. Recently Mayone took his dogs out for a walk on a beautiful sunny day and shared this video with his followers. Take a look.

The three pups nestle close together, curly tails wagging happily, steps perfectly synced as they plunge forward on their daily stroll.

There’s no way you could get between these three. They’re simply inseparable.

User Comments

Mayone’s followers couldn’t help but comment upon seeing this video:

  • I’d like to slip between them.
  • "It’s too cute how their little butts wiggle as they walk!"
  • "Looks like they really wanted to go for a walk. Crazy how in sync their movements are."

Well, we’re glad the furballs got to go for a nice walk with Mayone. Sure looks like fun.

Even a short video like this portraying a peaceful walk must have been soothing to many. Thanks Mayone! (@GMJpaCSCbuIDYDw)

By - Mujo.