At a time when people have found themselves in isolation, some have found creative, albeit slightly unusual outlets for the time they spend indoors. Japanese Twitter user Mose (@motulo) found a humorous way to use their time, by creating a 3D video game of Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike as she stops public gatherings.

The game has Koike running around a city, and as soon as she spots a party or a group of people talking, she uses her in-game powers to break them apart. As she does this, her character can be heard saying, “密です” (mitsu desu), which also serves as the game’s title.

The game also has a time limit and a scoreboard that keeps track of how many groups you’ve broken up and how many are still left. It also gives Koike’s character the ability to fly on top of buildings to make it easier to spot the disobedient crowds.

photo posted with permission from Mose (@motulo)

The phrase Koike says in-game comes from 三密 (sanmitsu), a Japanese mnemonic for three words that describe conditions to be avoided during the coronavirus outbreak. They translate to “closed spaces, crowds, and close contact.”

In a recent public appearance, Koike can be seen holding out an arm to warn a journalist not to get too close, while she repeatedly says “密です” in reference to the mnemonic. The incident became popular on Japanese social media, even inspiring a song to be made by a different user aside from Mose’s game.

With the coronavirus situation changing daily, we’ll have to keep tuning in as government officials hold more press conferences and interviews. But it seems that based on the products from Koike’s clip, there can at least be some fun and creativity to be had along the way.

If you'd like to try it for yourself, the game can be played here.

By - Jen Laforteza.