Last year, when Japan's Finance Ministry announced new designs for yen banknotes partly as an anti-counterfeiting measure, Japanese illustrator and manga artist Ponkichi jokingly suggested an adorable shiba inu themed bill as a possible candidate. In turn, fellow artist Shunku proposed an equally cute feline version.

Since then, the illustrations (which sport authentic-looking details such as 日本銀行 Bank of Japan has been replaced with 日本柴銀行 Shiba Bank of Japan, as well as national birds and flowers) have been transformed into a lineup of merchandise, including mini-shiba versions.

The shiba and cat banknote merchandise train is chugging along, this time with t-shirts sporting the popular designs. Both are priced at 3,800 yen.

Shiba inu banknote shirt

Cat banknote shirt

Some timely released mask cases are also available for 1,100 yen--each case can hold three masks.

Both items can be purchased on Amazon or directly from FurBaby.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.