Japan's Showa period ran from 1926-1989, and while it's often viewed with the historic context that focuses on the post-World War II hardship and the subsequent economic Golden Era, it's been recently undergoing a Renaissance centered around its retro charm and mystique. Japanese pubs, cafes, and shops of all kind have embraced the nostalgic and vintage charm of the bygone era in an enduring way.

A combination of many people around the world wisely staying at home and the timely release of the super popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons has given players a lot of extra time to show off their creative skills in customizing their island with the game's design tools.

One such player is u (@MfsbT6210), who recently posted these pictures of their island that perfectly recreates the classic Showa atmosphere of an old shopping street, packed with details in between the stall-lined alleyways that populated cities back in the day. u says that in addition to their own, they borrowed the detailed designs of several other players.

Source: @MfsbT6210

Source: @MfsbT6210

Source: @MfsbT6210

The island features Showa period appropriate signs and advertisements, such as Oronamin C, Mitsukan, and cigarette banners found along the type of shopping street districts popular in the era (shoutengai). It's all tied together with a cobblestone road, store fronts, as well as gumball and capsule toy machines.

The designs and trend of players turning their island into charming retro tributes to the Showa period has been spreading within the Japanese gaming community. Here are some highlights of what other creative players have been able to cook up so far with decor, clothing, and outdoor scenery.

Some influence may even be starting to spread to the English language gaming community as well!

By - Big Neko.