In Japan, anime-themed cafes pop up constantly to celebrate new movies, for example, or perhaps the anniversary of a classic series. Sadly, current events have put a bit of a stopper on this valued part of otaku culture, and we are currently witnessing a drought of such events. But luckily, thanks to the high quality themed food that can be snapped up in Japanese convenience stores, you can enjoy some anime character shaped treats at home.

‘Tabemasu’ is a series of traditional Japanese sweets which portray detailed depictions of popular characters, and they have previously teamed up with Sanrio to create sweet versions of Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma among others, as well as some wagashi Toy Story aliens in a collaboration with Disney. They recently announced some summery strawberry Rilakkumas for lovers of cute characters, but this latest foray should appeal to fans of classic anime.

Two characters from 'Detective Conan' (also known as ‘Case Closed’) have been recreated as traditional Japanese sweets. The main protagonist, Conan, is wearing his iconic jacket and red bowtie combo and is custard flavoured.

Known for his all-black outfit, Akai Shuichi also makes an appearance in chocolate flavour.

These inquisitive wagashi are made of nerikiri, a type of traditional Japanese sweet which is made using a white bean paste and mochi dough. It can be easily coloured, moulded and carved into various shapes, so it is often used to create aesthetically pleasing and impressive confections. The whole thing is edible and no artificial colouring was used.

Each tasty little character costs 258 yen plus tax and will be available from 25th April in branches of 7-Eleven across Japan.

By - Jess.