She has over 2.7 million subscribers on her top YouTube channel, she has appeared on TV shows and commercials, partnered with companies, performed as a musical artist at concerts and countless events, and she's widely recognized as the world's top Virtual YouTuber. Now, Kizuna AI is leaving Activ8 and getting her own company.

Kizuna AI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Eriko Matsumoto) will focus on the production management business of the virtual talent. According to their current plans, the company will be registered on May 11, 2020, after which it will begin operations.

Kizuna AI Co., Ltd.

According to their press release, Kizuna AI aims to pursue her mission of “connecting with you,” delivering new possibilities connecting the virtual and the real world, and imagining the future.

Kizuna AI Co., Ltd. was established to pursue that goal with a new management system and team to support Kizuna AI independently. This team will work as one to realize Kizuna AI's mission by constantly anticipating new values ​​and broadening her possibilities.

Business operations

Production management business

Providing technical support for video distribution as activity support for Kizuna AI, mainly through her YouTube channels "A.I.Channel" and "A.I.Games".

Music business

Providing production support and sales support for Kizuna AI as a musical artist.

One CEO and one advisor

Incidentally, the press release mentions two employees at Kizuna AI Co., Ltd., although there may be others. The first one is the CEO, Eriko Matsumoto, who previously worked at Activ8 Co. Ltd., and the second one is voice actress Nozomi Kasuga, "who lent her voice to Kizuna AI around Autumn of 2016." Her role at Kizuna AI, Co., Ltd. is listed as "advisor." This seems to be tacit confirmation that Kasuga is indeed Kizuna AI's voice, as it has widely been believed to be the case. At the very least, it could explain why Kasuga left her agency Clare Voice earlier this month.

By - Ben K.