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A day in the Andersen Park in Funabashi: A park that it surpasses USJ in popularity

I remember reading the famous works of the Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen when I was a child and I loved it so much that I always asked my mom to either go and see the characters come alive in theatres or buy me cassettes so I can listen to them before going to bed.

In my childhood, we also had this cartoon channel and one of my favorites shows to watch was the animated series "The Fairytaler" based on Andersen’s stories that I loved so much.

Entering into the Danish author’s world was something I enjoyed doing as a child and even now, it's always a pleasure to reread many of the fairy tales and stories that kept me captivated from a very young age.

I am sure many of you have heard of “The Little Mermaid” or “Ugly Duckling”.


One of my favorites was “The Snow Queen” and I also remember the emotional story of the “Little Match Girl”. 

All of his stories have a moral and I believe that is one of the reasons why it transcends age and with every paragraph we read, we find ourselves more and more immersed into his universe that slowly comes to life.

For me, Hans Christian Andersen means a lot and, by reading his stories as a child, I’ve learned so many lessons and I can even say it helped me grow in a kinder human being.

As the author’s books are so popular that they are not only going beyond age but also nationality, I had the pleasure to discover this amazing place located in Chiba, Funabashi, where the author’s world becomes alive.

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One Japanese friend even told me that Andersen Park in Funabashi is so popular that it surpassed USJ and is now ranking 3 in popularity after Disneyland and Disney Sea.

Visiting the park surpassed my expectations and I can understand why it is so popular among all generations.

It is so much wider than what I've imagined it to be and besides the fictional world that takes shape and the many statues of the characters, you will also discover a beautiful reproduction of the Danish village, along with farmhouses and windmills.

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The park has many workshops and for those who look for more than relaxing and enjoying the Danish village life and atmosphere of the park, playgrounds, and obstacle courses are also available.

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However, I need to warn you that there are some difficult paths, so only the adventurous and those of great courage will triumph over the challenges (I got stuck at the balance beams, so my advice for you is to don’t underestimate it).

The park has great views all four seasons and the time I went to visit it, Na no Hana (Canola fields) were in full bloom.


My favorite season is spring because there are so many tulips and beautiful flowers surrounding the park and the windmill, so it makes the place look surreal.


A fairy tale coming to life.

There are a few places you can eat, but you can bring a lunch box. Last time I went there, I got myself an amazing coffee from a small coffee van, Café Cielo, that was close to the entrance. I recommend their coffee as it tasted heavenly and the art was super adorable.

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Children would love to hear that there is also a mini zoo where you can play with animals and goats, even ride a pony!

This park has anything you wish for, including Andersen’s books and picture books on sale, plus lots of other Danish souvenirs and delicious treats you can buy for you and your family or friends.

I bought a yearly pass because it became my favorite place in Japan and whenever I go there, I feel like the inner child within comes to the surface and brings back all those precious memories of my childhood.

For those who plan on visiting the park, the ticket costs 900 yen for adults, 600 yen for high school students, 200 yen for junior high students and 100 yen for infants (4 years or older), seniors over 65 years old are free of charge.

*Unfortunately, until the 1st of June, 2020 it will be temporarily closed due to coronavirus. You can see more information on their Official Website.

By - cinnamonellie.