If there is one positive thing that is coming out from the current dire situation, it would be the amount of creativity that is flowing around the world right now in an attempt to keep us all entertained whilst in lockdown.

From TikTok dance videos to short comedy sketches, DIY tutorials on youtube to webinars on how to set up a business, and from sing-along karaoke at home to live performances from our favourite musicians, the list of entertainment online seems to be nonstop and ever-growing.

Adding to the online amusement catalogue this month, we have Zoorasian Brass.
A brass band quintet made up of 5 animals, Zoorasian Brass is headed by a conductor who happens to be an Okapi.

To help keep us all in good spirits, the Zoorasian Brass band will be uploading content to their YouTube channel from the 17th April. From the comfort of your own home, you can now enjoy past concerts, dance along to some original tunes and also learn to play along with arguably some of the best players in the world of critter musicians.

First stepping into the limelight in the year 2000, the musically talented animals are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. In 2010, the band received the Yokohama Tourism Convention Special Achievement Award, and in 2011, they were awarded the highest in category (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award) in the Kids Design Award. Since their founding 20 years ago, the band has released a number of CDs, DVDs and music scores, expanding the reach of the world of brass ensembles.

Regularly performing overseas, the ensemble is adored by music-loving families across the globe and are most known for their concert, A Music Picture Book, which features performances such as ‘Rabbit String’ (Rabbit String Quartet) and ‘Saxofox’ (Fox Saxophone Quartet).

In 2011, the team behind Zoorasian Brass formed the Zoorasian Philharmonic Orchestra, where the main theme of the performance is ‘symphonic nursery rhymes’, spinning together familiar tunes with classical music.

The group aims at gaging children’s interest in traditional music and allowing everyone to discover the beauty of music.

To help everyone get through the current hardships of self-isolation, Zoorasian Brass have decided to share a range of different entertaining videos to their YouTube channel. The contents and schedule are as follows:

Weekend Concert Performances at home

Recordings of past Zoorasian Brass performances will be featured each Saturday and Sunday from 14:00. At the same time that the performances are uploaded to YouTube, fans can head over to twitter and use the handle #おうちズーラシアン to communicate with staff and other people enjoying the show – it will be as if fans are at a live performance.

Play Along with Zoorasian Brass and the Brass Quintet!

This is a project where fans can take part in and perform as a member of the Zoorasian Brass band. A video featuring a missing part (for fans to join in at) and a music score will be available to download for free. The idea is for everybody who enjoys playing musical instruments to come together and includes those who have not played in a long time. To be released on Friday, April 24.

Daily uploads of Zoorasian Brass

These will be a multitude of videos uploaded daily to the YouTube channel, depicting the Zoorasian animals in everyday life. Viewers can clean and play along with the animals as well as enjoy some lighthearted day-in-the-life comedy sketches.

Zoorasian Brass telework production behind the scenes

Recordings of trial and error behind the scenes of the making of the Zoorasian Brass Series. Enjoy watching and learning the process behind the creation of the music.

20th Anniversary Concert Performance Replay

On April 4, 2020, Zoorasian Brass streamed a live audience-free 20th Anniversary performance. Just two days later, and the recording had received over 100,000 playbacks. The special performance will remain on Zoorasian Brass’ YouTube channel until early July and can be watched in addition to a number of selected performances that were recorded in the past.

With plenty of fun and entertaining videos available on the schedule to keep you occupied, stay at home and keep safe with Zoorasian Brass!

By - Connie Sceaphierde.