Matcha is a green tea powder, traditionally drank during Japanese tea ceremonies and lauded for its health benefits. Thanks to its popularity these days, the distinctive bitter flavour can be found in a range of exciting forms including desserts, drinks and even savoury items like curry and noodles.

As fun as these innovative products are, there’s nothing like going back to basics and having a simple, but meticulously prepared, cup of warm, frothy matcha. There’s plenty of matcha specialist shops in Japan where you can sample the traditional beverages, and even chances to take part in tea ceremonies, but of course with the current global pandemic, it’s become difficult to take advantage of these.

But why not use this extra time at home to become your own matcha tea master? It might seem intimidating at first, but this stylish Ippukubox contains all the basic, but high quality, tools you need to start your new life as a matcha artisan (minus the matcha powder itself). So you can skip researching the utensils, and jump straight into whisking!

The box, created by an Echizen lacquerwork manufactures in Fukui called Takahashi Kogei, contains a ‘chawan’ cup, a ‘chasen’ bamboo whisk, a ‘chashaku’ bamboo spoon and a small tea caddy for storing the precious green powder.

The cup is authentic Echizen ware, a type of pottery traditional to Fukui prefecture.

The wooden box is also beautifully designed and handmade, and would make a nice addition to any room, as there’s three different styles to choose from. The box is lined with Echizen washi paper, which not only looks beautiful but also protects the implements stored inside from getting scratched or damaged.

Even the box’s lid can be used as a small tray for your cup.

The relaxing process of whisking your own matcha powder makes it the perfect beverage for a break while working at home. Although the Ippukubox was made to encourage the making of a traditional cup of green tea, if you want to use it to whip up a cheeky matcha latte instead, no one will judge you.

The release date of the box is 15th May 2020 and it will cost 13000 yen, check out the manufacturer’s website for more information.

By - Jess.