My Peridot is a Japanese flower shop that puts an undeniably cute spin on flower arrangements. They specialize in making boxed flower gifts and bouquets that have the most adorable animal motifs.

This Mother's Day, they're making their flower arrangements available for online orders and delivery so anyone can send a thoughtful gift to pet-loving moms in Japan.

One of their boxed flower arrangements, Animal Candy, includes a cut-out of an animal’s face to go with the flowers. You can choose from 35 different types of pets, such as rabbits, cats, and over 20 different breeds of dogs. They also give you the option to customize the color of the pet's face to match the look of mom's furry friend.

The shop also has other types of boxed flowers that are slightly different from the previously mentioned one. The "Animal & Preserved Flower Arrangement" (left) is made with (you guessed it) preserved flowers and has even more types of pets to choose from, including hamsters, ferrets, and birds.

If you want the face cut-out to look exactly like your mom’s pet, the “My Pet Flower” arrangement (right) is as personalized as you’ll get. You can send a photo of any animal, and the shop creates a cut-out from the photo to go along with the boxed flowers. Priced at 15,750 yen, My Pet Flower is also one of the shop's more expensive products.

All the flower arrangements can be ordered online and sent directly to any address in Japan. You can place orders and see all the shop’s prices and products through their page on Rakuten.

By - Jen Laforteza.