Last year, footwear company Patrick collaborated with the Godzilla franchise to create these king of kawaii Chibi Godzilla trainers. Ever since, citizens across Japan have been stopping to stare in awe at fashionistas clad in these standout trainers as they stomp through town. This April, Patrick is unleashing yet another captivating beast from the Godzilla franchise through the medium of sneakers: Mothra!

Mothra is a giant moth kaiju who often appears as an ally to Godzilla in the movies. She is known in the Godzilla-verse as the “Queen of Monsters”. As kaiju royalty, Mothra makes an obvious choice as the next character to feature on Patrick’s trainers after the Chibi King of Monsters. With the design being as eye-catching as the kaiju, these are a pair of shoes you will want to cocoon your feet in!

The new trainers have been lovingly crafted based on Mothra’s appearance in the movies. With a black base and two standout orange and yellow stripes on the side, the shoe’s color scheme matches Mothra’s classic speckled design.

The tongue of the shoes is embroidered with a cute Mothra character and vivid logo, making them as outstandingly cool as the kaiju themselves. On the heel, there is an eye-like orange and yellow marking embroidered, similar to the markings on moths and butterflies' wings. This hypnotic print will have everyone around you gazing longingly like lepidopterists at your Mothra sneakers!

The new collaboration shoe will go on sale at the end of April from Patrick’s online store. Far from eating your style to pieces, these Mothra trainers will fill in any holes in your wardrobe to perfect your style.

Mothra Trainers Details

  • MOTHRA-C (Mothra Copenhagen)
  • Price: ¥16,000- (excluding consumption tax)
  • Size: 35-45 (22.5cm-28.0cm)
  • Material: nylon x velour
  • Release Date: End of April
  • Link to online shop

By - Toby M.