Kasukabe City is located in the Saitama Prefecture and the place is very famous for being Crayon Shin-chan’s hometown.

Fans all over the world come to Kasukabe so they can meet their favorite characters and get a peek into their lives.

As soon as you get to the train station, you’ll notice many signs that feature the characters from Crayon Shin-chan and you will be able to hear the theme song announcing the next train’s departure.

After getting surrounded by the characters as soon as you get to the Kasukabe station, you will feel like you've stepped into their world and that would get any fan super excited.

Limited edition goods and a world filled with Crayon Shinchan

Now that we are in Crayon Shin-chan’s hometown, expect a lot of items and limited-edition goods being sold all around the surrounding shops and supermarkets.

What is even better is that Kasukabe’s main attraction is the Shin-chan’s Buriburi Cinema Studio Arcade” Ge-sen Crayon Shin-chan” in LaLa Garden Kasukabe.

More of an amusement game center than a museum, the series’ troublemaker’s arcade will blow your mind.

You will be welcomed by the series’ characters (in their statue forms) and you can also enjoy many of the anime’s clips on a giant screen at the entrance of the arcade.

Don’t forget to try out your skill at the crane games or pick your favorite video game while immersing yourself in Shin-chan’s world.

There are many characters and stuffed toys you can win on the crane games and I bet it will be hard to choose which one to go for.

Inside the arcade, you’ll be able to discover many props that appeared in the anime along with movie posters and you can even cosplay as your favorite character and take some purikura.

For those not so familiar with purikura, it is a machine that turns the pictures you took into stickers. What is great about this purikura machine is that being in the Shin-chan’s arcade, the picture frames are all Crayon Shin-chan frames and that makes the pictures super adorable.

Don’t forget to dress up and while editing the pictures, you can play with the many options available and make it even cuter: you can even add cat ears, today's date, write something, fill the picture with stickers, etc.

Taking a purikura is a super fun experience while in Japan and you also remain with a great memory of the pictures taken.

At only a short walk from the Kasukabe Station, the Crayon Shin-chan’s Amusement game center is one place you shouldn’t miss if you visit Japan.

By - cinnamonellie.