You’d think that regardless the age or gender, jeans will always be a classic item and that denim will always have a place in our wardrobe.

Well, in Japan it seems that many youngsters are losing interest in denim and the reason for that is because they believe it’s for old people.

On the Nippon TV’s Monday Late Show, the staff conducted an interview and asked the Japanese youngsters in Tokyo what are they losing interest in(~nani banare/~何離れ; meaning what are you letting go off?).

Many of them answered that when they think of denim they think of grandpas and it just looks uncool so they prefer something else instead. For ladies, at least, they can choose from many designs of skirts, dresses and pants and even men decide on choosing other materials instead of denim.

Another thing the youngsters seem to stop using is wax. The trends are changing and many prefer the natural kind of hairstyle.

Being asked why some answered that their overall appearance looks nerdy by putting on wax or they just think the hair looks greasy and heavy.

The Japanese men had another thing they let go of and that is “Ore” (“I”, “me”), the word used for referring to yourself, same as “Boku”, “Jibun”(myself) and “Watashi” (mainly used by girls). They are now preferring to refer to themselves by using Jibun or Boku instead of Ore.

While the men are giving up “ore”, the young ladies in Japan prefer using pajamas instead of negligee.

Another thing that surprised me was that many are lost when it comes to the answering machine.

No young people in japan use it anymore and being challenged to leave a message to someone, they all stuttered and seemed incoherent in their messages.

Many of the children in Japan and young students also let go of chewing gum and the last thing they are gradually losing interest is the application Line (similar to Whatsapp).

The application is probably the most popular way of communication in Japan and it surprised me a lot to hear that young people are starting to use platforms such as Instagram instead of Line as a means of communication.

What do you think of the things Japanese youngsters lose interest in? Are the young people from your country also losing interest in something?

By - cinnamonellie.