Felissimo are a Japanese brand that specialise in cute, fun, and strange items that you never knew you needed. Their eccentric YOU+MORE series (a play on the Japanese pronunciation of ‘humour’) is a whole lineup of weird but also weirdly buyable products, especially the surprisingly realistic food-themed items.

For example they unleashed this strangely cute realistic oyster cushion.

Another one of their creations is these nail stickers which mimic a delicious and comforting bowl of curry rice.

But their latest addition is both weirdly realistic, as expected, but also unexpectedly stylish when opened. A folding umbrella which looks just like an ‘ebi fry’, a Japanese deep fried shrimp.

The outer cover has been created to look like the crisp outer layer of the shrimp, with the shrimp’s tail poking out. Each wooden tail has been handmade, with a focus on realism.

When the cover is removed it reveals that the umbrella’s pattern is a pink and white gradient, just like an actual shrimp.

But when the umbrella is opened, no-one would guess that it’s a shrimp umbrella, it simply looks like a stylish accessory for a rainy day.

So if you love shrimp enough to buy a realistic deep fried shrimp umbrella, but you're not confident enough to have one which is instantly recognisable as a shrimp umbrella when opened, you can find the perfect balance in Felissimo's creation, which can be bought through their online shop for 5800 yen plus tax.

By - Jess.