Designer and artist Manami Sasaki has taken up quite the creative and delicious project in terms of dealing with stay and work from home protocol. Sasaki recently started a series she calls "Stay at home asagohan" (Stay at home breakfast), which allows her to flex her artistic sense from home, but also provide some inspiration and entertainment for other people dealing with staying at home. The series centers around cleverly decorating morning toast with a variety of ingredients.

Her third entry in the series might be one of her most creative--and spiritually soothing--takes on toast yet, as she's turned a slice of bread into a karesansui, or a Japanese Zen rock garden.

The toasty Zen rock garden uses a spread of sour cream to recreate white gravel, and Sasaki used a fork to finely comb the spread into swirly patterns. The design is topped off by crushed Macadamia nuts and walnuts, surrounded in a matcha paste to achieve a mossy aesthetic.

Voila! A beautiful moment of Zen for breakfast.

It doesn't end at rock gardens, however. Sasaki even made some toast inspired by kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics.

And even a jam-based sakura themed slice.

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By - Big Neko.