If you peruse the catalog of Japanese online retailer Felissimo's Neko-bu ("Cat Club"), you'll find an almost endless supply of quirky feline-themed goods, but one of their most popular to this date has been their fruit tart-shaped bed that turns your cat into a kitty dessert.

Following up on the popularity of the fruit tart kitty bed and its crepe sequel, Felissimo is this time giving cats a place to purr to sleep to with a bed inspired by the traditional jelly-based Japanese dessert animitsu.

If you're not familiar with animitsu, it's a traditional summertime Japanese dessert made from anko red bean paste and agar jelly. It's typically served with slices of fruit and a drizzle of mitsu, a black honey similar to molasses (please don't pour mitsu on your cat, just shower them with love). So these beds are a fitting summertime napping place for sleepy cats!

The animitsu cat bed comes with five (nondetachable) cushion "ingredients" modeled after shiratama dumplings, cherries, mikan oranges, matcha ice cream, and gyuhi (a delicate mochi). They're quite squishy.

In use, there's plenty of comfy room to let your cat or small dog sleep as a Japanese dessert with mochi pillows.

The anmitsu cushion pet bed is available from Felissimo's Japanese and international online stores for 7,569 yen.

By - Big Neko.