Although there have been a few notable exceptions, like the viral story of the New Yorker who sent a note-carrying drone over to a girl on a rooftop, generally speaking, self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic has put the kibosh on real-world courtship.

But what happens when the coronavirus pandemic has finally subsided and lonely hearts are finally free to date again?

Smart Men's College

In Japan, Smart Axis Co., Ltd. has a solution for men to take advantage of this "quiet time," helping men polish their communication skills so that they're better prepared when the time is right.

The company's Smart Men's College, which prides itself on having a faculty member who was one of the top hosts of Tokyo's famous Kabukicho entertainment district, is now offering online courses.

What is the SMC?

The Smart Men's College is a membership-only romance school for men who want to reinvent themselves as they prepare themselves for serious relationships and marriage

According to their press release, the SMC welcomes men who:

  • Aren't good at talking and communicating with women
  • Are often refused when they invite women on a date
  • Can't take relationships beyond the first date
  • Want to be popular with women

Through group lessons and individual lessons, SMC helps its students "grow into smart men who don't suffer from such problems."

The SMC Philosophy

The Smart Men's College teaches men that romance can be discovered while having fun. Even if it doesn't work out, there are no negative consequences of giving serious relationships a chance, only positive ones.

By learning about love, you can continue to improve yourself and gain the following rewards:

  • Enjoyment of romance
  • happiness
  • Motivation for work
  • Self-approval

Online Course

In addition to the usual lecture content, the online course will focus on what you can do during this period of self-isolation and prepare you for romance in the post-coronavirus era. Moreover, the course instills the value of becoming "men who think seriously about 'individual responsibility' rather than blaming others," since "those are the kind of men likely to be chosen by women" when the time comes.

The lessons are conducted in Japanese and are available to anyone living in Japan. If you're interested in enrolling, contact the Smart Men's College at the following website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.