Japan's favorite quirky accessory online retailer Felissimo is showing now signs of stopping their current series of classic Japanese dishes as household and personal goods. Following ramen bath towels, jumbo fried shrimp umbrellas, and curry rice nail art, it looks like they're once again turning their eyes to the love-it-or-hate-it staple of Japanese food--natto!

If you're a novice in the natto world, natto are fermented soybeans, which are known to be very off-putting for first-timers due to their strong smell, sticky texture, and sometimes overpowering taste. Still, there are many who swear by the stringy and sticky beans, and find the nutty taste all the more delicious when mixed with rice, eggs, kimchi, and different condiments. Natto are also known to be particularly good for health and diet.

The natto-themed release is a natto-motif pen case, with the inside containing realistic natto texture and exterior a play on the stringy and slimy nature of the soybeans. There are even draw strings with natto shaped beads you can pull and stretch.

If you're a true Natto lover, you can order the sticky bean pen case from Felissimo's Japanese and international online store for 2,530 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.