The current global pandemic is affecting all aspects of our lives, including our eating habits. Japan’s Burger King branches are sensibly limiting their opening hours in line with advice about social distancing, but to help keep the spirits of burger-lovers up high, they’ve announced a very special service.

From 1st May, for a limited time only, customers can order the key ingredients of a Burger King burger to be delivered to their home, allowing them to make their own authentic fast food treat without leaving the house.

The set includes Burger King’s own flame-grilled beef patties, which have been cooked using the chain restaurant’s unique broiler, and therefore are imbued with the authentic Burger King taste. Customers will also receive Burger King’s sesame buns to house whatever ingredients they choose to put in.

Speaking of which, the recipe for Burger King’s most famous creation, The Whopper, has also been made public and will be included with the Cooking Burger @Home order. You’ll have to provide your own vegetables and sauces, but once you do, you’ll have constructed your very own genuine Whopper at home.

The Cooking Burger @Home can be bought as a set of 2 (1080 yen) or 4 (2000 yen) from participating stores. This order is only available for delivery and not in-store, so stay at home safe and let the burger come to you!

But if you’d rather leave it to the professionals, Burger King have some sweet deals for those who just want to order a pre-made burger. Two of their classic eats, the Spicy Whopper Jr. and the Quattro Cheese Whopper Jr. are both currently buy-one-get-one-free when you order them as take out.

Although it’s tough to stay at home all the time, at least there’s still plenty of chances to get delicious food sent directly to your abode. Once you’ve finished off your homemade Whopper, maybe you could tuck into some limited-time-only, organic Hello Kitty doughnuts as dessert?

By - Jess.