Even without the novel coronavirus outbreak, masks are a common sight in Japan for reasons as simple of providing a sense of privacy and anonymity or protecting from hay fever. Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused a mask shortage in certain areas of the country. While many Twitter users are sewing up creative DIY masks as a clever alternative, the situation can still be difficult for some.

Japan's Kinki University, also known as Kindai, is stepping up to the plate with a free and hilarious solution. The university recently took to Twitter to provide downloadable blueprints for a free 3D printable realistic tuna mask cover!

Source: @kinkidaigakuPR

If you're wondering why of all things they settled on a tuna mask cover, it's because the university is renowned for its Fisheries Laboratory which has helped cultivate bluefin tuna as a response to overfishing. The university even has their own restaurant in Osaka serving up bluefin tuna affectionately called Kindai tuna.

The tuna masks seem to be a hit with kids. Complete with with a tail and fins on the back, the covers can be attached over a normal facemask.

The university has a PDF for the papercraft mask. A3 paper size is recommended. Enjoy being a big tuna!

By - Big Neko.