Hopefully, you've been listening to the warnings and have wisely decided to stay home during the Golden Week holiday. But with all that free time on your hands and nowhere to go, some of you may feel tempted to spend a lot of time playing video games, watching videos, etc., all while seated in one spot. Not exactly the healthiest kind of lifestyle, if that's all you're doing...

But staying at home during a holiday doesn't have to mean turning into a couch potato! Exercise videos aimed at keeping you fit while you self-isolate are in high demand, and Japan is no exception.

There are Yoga influencers offering lessons and sales of mini-trampolines are up too.

Even anime characters are jumping on the fitness video bandwagon.

And not just any anime character. We're talking about one of the original magical girls, predating Sailor Moon by almost a decade, "Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel."

"Creamy Exercise" videos

Thanks to east field inc. and the folks at Gugenka, who specialize in virtual modeling, Mami is getting a CG update some 37 years after her debut. And with the help of choreographer CRAZY SHIZUKA, Mami's showing off her moves for the benefit of kids and their parents in a snazzy series of fitness videos entitled "Creamy Exercise" set to music from the anime series.

And in case you were wondering, original voice actress Takako Ōta herself is portraying Mami as she leads you during the exercises.

Let's see what's in the lineup:

Beginner level

Set to the opening theme 「デリケートに好きして」(Fall In Love Delicately)

Intermediate level

Set to the second ending theme 「LOVEさりげなく」(Love Nonchalantly).

Magical gymnastics

Set to the first ending theme 「パジャマのままで」Staying in My Pyjamas, these are exercises you can do as soon as you wake up, while still in your PJs.

Dance and choreography by CRAZY SHIZUKA

If you (or your kids) are interested, check out the Creamy Mami YouTube Channel here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.