You may be used to signing your name at the end of an important document, but in Japan everyone is expected to have a name stamp, called a hanko or inkan, to sign off on things like contracts and forms. Although the country’s famous hanko system has come under scrutiny recently for being a bit of a roadblock to remote working, the stamping over signing culture will surely not die out completely any time soon.

Especially recently, a whole host of novelty hanko stamps have become available, featuring customisable designs and beloved characters such as Pokemon and Hello Kitty. You may want to refrain from utilising these stamps for serious documents and contracts, but they are officially recognised by various Japanese banks and post offices (full list can be found online).

For the cutest hanko design possible, another popular character has been incorporated into the available options. The stars of this sweet lineup are Rilakkuma, the chilled out bear, his bear comrades Korilakkuma and Chairoiguma, and his cute chick friend Kiiroitori.

There’s twenty designs to choose from with space for your name (or some element of your name if you’ve got a long one).

Three fonts are available too, to customise further and create the adorable hanko of your dreams.

You can also choose from the wooden type hanko, or the handy self-inking one.

This lineup of stamp designs will be released from 20th May, but if you’re a Rilakkuma lover desperate to get your hands on an adorable hanko, you can preorder online now.

By - Jess.