Stay-at-home protocol as a countermeasure to the novel coronavirus has made thing difficult for nightlife establishments in Japan. While some, like virtual hostess bars, have adapted to online avenues, early closing times and social distancing measures don't make izakaya (Japanese style pubs) a particularly appealing outing these days.

Tokyo's Cheers One, a cheerleader-themed izakaya in Ginza, is providing service as normal, however. Well, as normal as they can, by implementing a screening process and protective gear for both staff and customers.

Located in Ginza, Cheers One is an izakaya, but has some similarity to a Japanese "girl's bar" in that the cheerleader staff will drink and sing with you, and living up to the theme of the bar, perform custom cheers for you. The pub's new hygiene and safety policies add a wrinkle to things, though.

Upon entering, customers step onto a disinfectant mat. From there they have their temperature taken (and are turned away if a fever is detected). After that, customers under go a disinfecting process for their hands, clothing, and personal belongings.

Following that, customers are provided with gloves and masks, as well as face shields. Obviously these can be taken off when drinking and eating, but are urged to be worn at all other times.

From there it's cheerleading bar business as usual, but Cheers One will only be seating half as many customers as usual and closing at 8:00pm indefinitely. It's ultimately best and urged by the Tokyo government to stay home for the moment, but more information can be found at Cheers One's website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.