Fans of Ghibli Studio films, listen up! You may already know about Donguri Republic, the most famous maker of goods for the studio's classic films. They're launching a new brand called Donguri Closet exclusively available at their Sora no Ue store (that means "in the clouds" store -- in other words, online!)

According to their press release, Donguri Closet is "a brand focusing on the kindhearted heroines (of Ghibli Studio films) who have a strong will and determine their own lives." The brand wants to appeal to women who watched Studio Ghibli films as girls and are now older but still cherish their memories of that experience. Thus, they hope you'll open this "closet" of memories and discover "a place where you can be yourself" through their products.

For their debut, Donguri Closet is featuring a lineup perfect for May, combining Spring-like motifs and cool mint-green tones suitable for the balmier weather of early summer.

So without further ado, let's open up the closet and see what's inside!

Kiki's Delivery Service and Whisper of The Heart


These soft mini-towels measure 250 mm (10") square and cost 600 JPY plus tax.

キキの出発 (Kiki's departure)

寄り添うふたり (The two of them close together)

Whisper of The Heart

Embroidered brooch collection

Each embroidered brooch measures 50 mm (2") and the set of 10 costs 7,000 JPY plus tax.

The cute brooches convey the world of Whisper of The Heart with cute designs.

My Neighbor Totoro

This collection of accessories has a fresh mint-green pattern featuring big and small Totoros.

Mini pouch bag

This mini pouch bag is 120 mm (4.7") wide, 110 mm (4.3") tall and 50 mm (2") deep, has a light yellow-green lining, and costs 1,600 JPY plus tax.

Square pouch bag

This square pouch bag is 170 mm (6.7") wide, 140 mm (5.5") tall and 80 mm (3.1") deep, has a light yellow-green lining, and costs 1,900 JPY plus tax.

Clear pouch bag

This clear pouch bag is 200 mm (7.9") wide, 140 mm (5.5") tall and 75 mm (3") deep, and costs 1,800 JPY plus tax.

2-way tote bag

This 2-way tote bag is 300 mm (11.8") wide, 230 mm (9") tall and 115 mm (4.5") deep, has a light yellow-green lining, and costs 3,500 JPY plus tax.

Eyeglass case

This eyeglass case is 160 mm (6.3") wide, 70 mm (2.8") tall and 30 mm (1.2") deep, and costs 1,800 JPY plus tax.

Commuter pass case with reel

This pass case is 80 mm (3.1") wide, 115 mm (4.5") tall and 10 mm (0.4") deep, and costs 2,200 JPY plus tax.

To see the entire collections and make a purchase, visit Donguri Closet here.

By - Ben K.