Pepsi Japan have never shied away from interesting and innovative cola flavours. Previously we’ve seen Christmas cake flavour, sakura flavour and many other adventurous offerings exclusive to the country. But a few years ago they came up with the idea of creating a drink specifically for cola-lovers in Japan.

What kind of beverage could that be you ask? What started off as J-Cola, was revamped and rereleased last year under the new moniker ‘Pepsi Japan’. After these initial test runs proved popular, Japan Cola, and its no-calorie counterpart, Japan Cola Zero, are back again, hopefully for good this time.

The recipe has been perfected and now should be more Japan-like than ever. After researching what kind of flavours should appeal to cola-lovers, Pepsi settled on a crisp and satisfying flavour. The Japan Cola has added salt and Japanese citrus fruit flavour, resulting in an original and distinctly Japanese taste.

Rather than go over the top with an outrageously Japanese design on the label, there's just a subtle reference to the national flag within the 'Japan Cola' logo.

Fans of interesting colas can pick up the new and improved Pepsi Japan Cola from 12th May in stores all over Japan for 140 yen.

By - Jess.