Japanese retailer Felissimo are known for their eccentric and interesting goods, which start with a strange concept but end up being unexpectedly stylish and desirable. Like a fried shrimp umbrella for example.

One motif which Felissimo have recently started referencing in their goods is a type of small bird which can be found in some areas of Japan, the long-tailed tit. With these new edible stickers, you can now turn any food you want into a tasty version of this diminutive bird.

Simply cut out the design you want and stick it on the food. In order to resemble the long-tailed tit, round, white food seems to work best, giving you lots of options to choose from.

For savoury eats you could go for mozzarella cheese.

Or for desserts there’s daifuku.

Or shiratama would also make a cute bird.

These round little birds were previously featured in Felissimo’s tea, inspired by Hokkaido’s famous ‘blue pond’, an area frequented by the long-tailed tit.

The iconic scenery is referenced again with these stickers. The set comes with a background landscape which you can use to make your very own blue pond, which can act as a home for your long-tailed tit-themed food.

This clever example photo uses a drink and some chocolate sticks to create a sweet version of the blue pond.

If you’d like to see more goods featuring these cute birds, there’s Felissimo’s long-tailed tit laundry clips, or the aforementioned blue pond tea!

All these goods can be found on Felissimo’s online store.

By - Jess.