The series of hundreds of beautiful water lily oil paintings by Claude Monet are based off the French Impressionist's own home flower garden, but there is actually a pond in Japan that bears a striking resemblance to the celebrate series of artwork. Located in the city of Seki, Gifu Prefecture, near Nemichi Shrine, the pond has no official name, but has been affectionately called "Monet's Pond" (Monet no Ike). Just one look will tell you that the gorgeous landscape has earned the name!

Perhaps just as pretty as the pond is this glowing cheesecake inspired by it. Made by a Japanese sweets enthusiast (name withheld by request), it's fittingly called the "Monet's Pond Cheesecake", and captures the beautiful and fantastical nature of the pond.

The cake recreates the pond's aesthetic using a gelatin mixture of peach-flavored water, blue curacao, herbal water, and green food coloring. The iconic koi are made from modeling chocolate. Perhaps it's worth a try making your own delicious slice of art at home!

By - Big Neko.