McDonald's branches in Japan are a veritable wonderland of jealousy-inducing exclusive items. From a range of matcha beverages, to cherry blossom burgers, and weird Halloween fries, Japan never shies away from trying out a combination inspired by some of the country’s distinct flavours.

One such menu item is coming our way, inspired by ‘chicken tatsuta’, a Japanese style of fried chicken which can be enjoyed as a sandwich. Characteristics of a chicken tatsuta include soft, fluffy bread, and a ginger and soy sauce flavoured chicken patty.

Not only that, but there’s several ways one can enjoy this burger. Of course, the first option is just the standard Chicken Tatsuta, which has been released previously by McDonald's to a favourable reception.

But if you’re feeling more adventurous you can try out the ‘Chicken Tatsuta Mentai Cheese’. Mentai is the roe (internal eggs) of Alaska pollack, and mentai plus cheese is a well-loved combo in Japan. For this burger, McDonald's have gone for a spicy mentai-mayo sauce and a mellow white cheddar cheese.

If you aren’t a massive fan of bread, they’ve got you covered too. The ‘Gohan Chicken Tatsuta’ comes sandwiched in a rice bun instead of the classic bread one.

Or if you just want a small, nugget-sized taste of the popular chicken treat, you can get the ‘Hitokuchi Tatsuta’ off the side menu, and enjoy the chicken’s distinctive soy and ginger taste without any bread or rice-based distractions.

These new fast food wonders will be released on May 13th, but will sadly only be available for a limited time.

By - Jess.