Fans of record-breaking popular anime and manga series One Piece and taking to the seas (or well, smaller bodies of water) for fishing trips can thank fishing supply maker DRESS for what seems to be a natural match--One Piece-themed tackle boxes and storage boxes that can let you show off your pirate or Marine allegiance while camping or fishing.

The lineup is headlined by two of DRESS's Bakkan tackle boxes that sport the Marine "Justice" logo and the Straw Hat Pirates jolly rancher. As you can see, they're quite spacious.

DRESS is also releasing cargo trunks and storage boxes with the Straw Hat pirate motif, and three individual Luffy, Robin, and Usopp ones as well. While they are all intended to be used for fishing excursions, they can obviously be used for everyday storage as well as converted into coolers for camping and outdoor activities.

Each item can be ordered online from DRESS, with shipping expected in mid-June.

By - Big Neko.