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Doraemon’s “Stay Home” Message

The Covid-19 pandemic has unquestionably affected most people’s day-to-day lives over the last few months. With Japan’s government declaring a nationwide state of emergency in mid-April, citizens have been asked time and time again to refrain from non-essential and non-urgent outings. Shopping centers, gyms, night clubs, and restaurants are just a few examples of businesses which have either closed or limited their hours to comply with the government’s request.

Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite blue robotic cat, Doraemon, has also been playing his part in this time of crisis. The Doraemon “Stay Home” Project has been offering free videos and manga on its official site here.

At the beginning of Japan’s first ever locked down Golden Week, The Asahi Shimbun published Doraemon’s “Stay Home” message.

Because you stay at home.

Because you diligently wash your hands.

Because you care about your family.

Because you and your friends support each other.

Because you show kindness to everyone.

Because you help people who are ill.

Because you work hard for everyone else.

Because you never give up.

Because of you... the future will be fine.

Doraemon’s message was uploaded on SNS accounts throughout the world in nine different languages including Chinese, Hindi, and Arabic.

The “Stay Home” Project also created posters for businesses offering delivery services and restaurants with a take-out menu. These posters are free to download and distribute here .

The Japanese government is scheduled to meet Thursday, May 14 to discuss ending the declaration of emergency for 34 of 47 prefectures across Japan where the rate of infections have significantly dropped. Whatever is decided, we all should continue to exercise self-discipline in order to help end this crisis as quickly as possible.

By - Mujo.