Japan’s Krispy Kreme stores already have all kinds of wondrous Japan-only products and awesome seasonal doughnuts. But there’s one particular branch where hungry doughnut hunters can find some even fancier treats. If you make a visit to the JR Nagoya Takashimaya department store, you will find the coveted ‘Krispy Kreme Premium’ series.

This special lineup is a taste of luxury. Each doughnut is handmade and they include decadent ingredients such as fresh whipped cream. The doughnuts’ decoration is also much more ostentatious, often with an adorable animal jumping out of the middle.

Previously we’ve seen rabbit doughnuts inspired by spring, or Chinese zodiac treats for the New Year. Now to encapsulate the late spring, Krispy Kreme are bringing back an old favourite, the ‘Premium Panda’, costing 300 yen.

Pandas may not exactly jump to mind when someone says spring, but surrounding this tasty whipped cream panda, is a pudding flavoured chocolate coating, sprinkled with butter crunch, freeze dried strawberries, and pistachios, to resemble a beautiful springtime field of flowers. Underneath the panda is some banana cream to add even more sweetness.

Like his other animal-doughnut friends, this panda is only available for a limited time only, until mid-June, when hopefully he will be replaced by a tasty summer creature doughnut!

By - Jess.