McDonald's Japan has introduced quite a few tasty takes on the classic McShake in the past, including purple sweet potato and Japan's most popular pudding flavored variations. Perhaps their recent collaboration with sweets maker Morinaga on a nostalgic Showa-era milk caramel McShake left a good taste in their mouths, because they're teaming up again for a McShake inspired by Japan's favorite summer soft drink--Ramune!

Ramune, for the unitiated, is a lightly lemon-lime flavored fizzy soda known particularly for it's rattling marble-in-bottle design, but is traditionally enjoyed in the summer and often sold at summer festivals. The Morinaga Ramune McShake is inspired by Morinaga's candy version of the popular drink.

The new McShake is said to deliver the refreshing and sweet taste of Ramune with the creamy rich texture of a McShake starting May 20th. In addition, the small size (120 yen) will be sold in limited quantity as it comes in a Ramune-bottle design. A medium is priced at 200 yen.

Those looking for an extra kick with their Ramune flavor may want to try out the new Ramune-flavored Zima.

By - Big Neko.