Japanese society can sometimes be conservative and rigid. While residents of this country are mostly friendly and warm-hearted, expectations are taken seriously, and norms are rarely violated. Unfortunately, this means that outliers like the LGBTQ community have been historically marginalized. While the situation is starting to improve—some municipalities are beginning to recognize same-sex partnerships, for example—it remains an uphill battle.

YouTuber Moa, on his channel Moa and More, is familiar with this truth. He regularly blogs about his experiences. Indeed, the influencer has been very open with the online community. He recorded the painful process of coming out to his family and shared it with the world.

His Mother

I could imagine that this was tough.

Moa starts filming and tells his mother that he has something to say. He seems to be nervous, and from the beginning, he, understandably, becomes emotional. Like removing a band-aid, he says it right away: "I like men." Fortunately, his mother seems entirely unsurprised. As it turns out, she suspected that it might be the case.

They talk a little about what the future holds—getting married, having children—and seems to decide they will cross that bridge when they get there. Nevertheless, there is a sense that this wasn't what she originally had in mind for her son.

Also, there is something of a sad reality. While in Japan, Moa cannot technically get married. Perhaps something will have to happen while he is abroad on an upcoming trip if he is going to start a family.

Nevertheless, Moa's mother reminds him that it's his life, and he must live it as he sees fit. She may be disappointed about grandchildren, but if Moa goes abroad, there are options like adoption and surrogacy that he and a partner could consider.

As the video winds down, it's easy to see that Moa and his family have a strong bond. His mother simply wants what's best for her son and for him to be happy. Moa certainly understands this and seems to be grateful for his family.

His Father

At the dinner table with his mother and father, Moa gets ready to tell his father. Like with his mother, he gets straight to the point. His father seems unphased: "I thought so," he responds. His father goes on to explain that parents know their children very well and that a child's orientation is something that you soon pick up on.

Moa goes on to talk about the possibility of adopting children and having a family of his own in the future. He understood from preschool that he was gay but kept that part of his personality from his family. He has been thinking about his place in the world and his future for a long time and has become familiar with the LGBTQ community, and what is possible.

Moa's father has the same mindset as his wife. His support for his son will not change based upon who he dates or marries. It's his life, and he is free to make his own decisions. Of course, his parents won't hold that against him.

Moa's parents seem to understand that these types of things are never easy, but they trust Moa to live his life openly. Of course, Moa may face prejudice and other difficulties, but he should not let it overwhelm him. According to his parents, he need only focus on living right and doing his best. And of course, he always has a home.

His Sister

Finally, after returning from Canada, Moa sits down with his sister and explained he has something to say. It was not something that was necessarily a secret of his, so he just says it: "I'm gay." He goes on to tell her that their parents already know.

It turns out what Moa said about it not being a secret was a bit of an understatement. She responds nonchalantly that she already knew, that her friends had told her. Like most young people, she seems to be pretty accepting of LGBTQ people, and of course, Moa.

Moa continues, however, and asks a little bit more deeply about how she feels. She expresses a little regret that she will never have a sister-in-law. She was excited about the idea, about going shopping together and the like, and feels that it won't entirely be the same with a brother-in-law.

Nevertheless, like any good sister, she tells Moa that all she wants is for him to be happy. Who he dates and chooses to marry is none of her business. Everyone is an individual, so it's natural that people are different. With that in mind, it's not strange that Moa is interested in dating men. Furthermore, it doesn't really matter what other people think.

By - Luke Mahoney.