Source: PR Times

Social distancing cafe opens up in Tokyo

Just recently, a Japanese cheerleaders bar announced that it would stay open despite encouraged stay-at-home protocol as a countermeasure to the spread of the coronavirus, employing a strict hygienic screening process.

A newly opened cafe in Tokyo is embracing social distancing not just as a policy, but the establishment's entire theme. Fittingly, it's called Social Distancing Cafe Tokyo.

Visitors to the cafe must wear a mask (except for when drinking) and must use hand sanitizer upon entering the cafe or leaving the rest room. The cafe says they are especially well-ventilated, and has all tables separated by a distance of two meters. Customers are also only allowed to speak when using the Zoom Room (which has free WiFi and electrical outlets).

Despite being branded as a cafe, no food is served, and the Social Distancing Cafe is intended to be used a relaxing place to conduct work and hold Zoom meetings.

The Social Distancing Cafe is located a minute's walk from Ikebukuro station, and offers plans of one hour (500 yen), five hours (1,000 yen), and one full day (2,000 yen).

By - Big Neko.