Not many things can make ice cream better than it already is. But one ice cream purveyors in Japan have come up with a great way to improve on the winning formula. An icy treat with enough alcohol content to actually get you a bit tipsy.

SAKEICE’s specialist shop, located in Asakusa, is a neat idea with wide appeal, but sadly due to the current situation, it won’t get many visitors. Which is why the business is hoping to start a mail order service for their products. Of course, the procedure for sending off ice cream is not as simple as just popping down the post office, so they set up a crowdfunding campaign to help them get this business idea off the ground.

There’s obviously a market for such a service, since the crowdfunding page met its initial goal nine times over.

Up until now, most sake-containing ice cream has not even hit the 1% mark, but this is the first sake ice cream in Japan to have 4% alcohol content, a similar percentage to a beer, meaning theoretically you could get quite tipsy just from eating ice cream. Thanks to the amount of sake used in the formulation, the ice cream also promises a rich and mature flavour.

The various available sets will include a selection of flavours, to suit any household of drinkers and non-drinkers alike.

For example, the basic box has three alcoholic flavours, two ‘Original Sakeice’ and one ‘Otokoyama’. And for non-alcoholic flavours, there’s matcha, chocolate and cassis (blackcurrant). You can enjoy the non-alcoholic flavours on their own, or make a double cup like you can order in the SAKEICE store, with one sake scoop and one sweet flavour to offset it.

Since the crowdfunding campaign just ended, you can keep checking the SAKEICE website and their Twitter page for updates about the SAKEICE shipping service.

By - Jess.