It seems that Mobile Suit Gundam isn't lacking in collaborative partners lately. Fresh off of a surprising collaboration that saw the iconic anime series turn Hello Kitty into an adorable but battle-ready Mobile Suit, Gundam is now lending the likeness of Char Aznable to King Oscar sardines for a collaboration that is worth it for the pun alone--Chardines!

For a limited time, King Oscar Oil Sardines (sold by Hagoromo Foods in Japan) are being sold in special Char Aznable-themed packaging and being called "King Oscar Oil Chardines". The collaboration features a commercial with Char's original voice actor, Shūichi Ikeda.

The limited edition Oil Chardines, which feature illustrations by series designer Tsukasa Kotobuki, will be on sale in Japan for a limited time at supermarkets and convenience stores. A Twitter page for the promotion offers a campaign with winnable prizes and regularly posted suggested recipes.

By - Big Neko.