A funny video that the owner (@kinakinako0503) of Kinako the Shiba Inu tweeted is attracting viewer’s attention on the internet.

One day during their usual walk, after securing safety for Kinako, the owner let her go off her leash so she could play around the canal.

When done playing, she came running back to her owner.

The owner couldn’t help to say to themselves “What’s with the running...?” Here is the adorably funny video of Kinako racing back and forth like a dog possessed along the canal.

Such a funny way to run…!!!

You can’t help but smile at Kinako’s comical movement, running with a tilted face, perhaps because of the slant. Kinako’s video was widely shared on the internet, resulting in over 480,000 likes and comments.

Kinako's measured but excited pitter-patter steps have an infectious joy to them that you can't help but laugh out loud to.

Kinako’s comical appearance in the video seems to have put smiles on many people’s faces. If your dog was this happy, you’d want to bring your dog back to the same spot to play again, too!

By - Mugi.