Shiratama, ("white balls"), which are are small, sweet mochi dumplings, are a traditional Japanese confectionery that can be enjoyed a number of different ways. The chewy and gooey white dumplings are often seen in hot soup with azuki red beans, dango skewers, and even in modern sweets such as McFlurries. They are sometimes simply served with a touch of kinako (roasted soybean) powder.

While you'll often see shiratama decorated as cutesy animals such as polar bears and seals, Japanese Twitter user YuzuT (@yuzuTsan0331T) may have found a character that was made to be depicted as the popular mochi dumplings--Boo from the Mario and Yoshi universe!

Source: @yuzuTsan0331T

Source: @yuzuTsan0331T

YuzuT, a big fan of Boo (known as Teresa in Japan), made what look like simple ghost-themed shiratama but adorably capture the many expressions of the surprisingly cute ghoul!

If you ever feel like taking up the challenge of making your own traditional Japanese sweets, remember YuzuT's awesome Boo character designs as some inspiration.

By - Big Neko.