Children are cute. And judging by the exhausted countenance of parents with toddlers, they are also a handful. For all their mischief and animal-like behavior, their naivete and purity of heart are so painfully adorable; it's hard to hold anything against them.

Yet, as they become tweens and adolescents, young adults sadly lose their childhood wonder. And something else changes--they have more angst, more heavy-handed attitudes. As comedian Norm MacDonald points out, older children are far less cute "when they are out on the lawn, punching you in the chest."

The parents of Twitter user Haru (@haruk__27) can maybe relate. At least a little. One of his brothers had some anger issues, as we all do from time to time. Yet, his parents turned an outburst into a creative reminder to “take a deep breath and relax.” Pretty good parenting.

A Tense Moment

Even though it was a long time ago, if I focus hard enough, I can remember my adolescence. I was anything but an angel. I never punched a hole in a wall, but I’m sure I contributed to more than my fair share of heated exchanges—fighting with my parents over curfew, grades, homework, and who knows what else. It was a turbulent age.

Well, in Haru’s house, it seems someone had a similar problem, and that person, perhaps during an argument, decided to take his anger out on an unsuspecting wall. Indeed, the perpetrator managed to punch a hole. It must’ve hurt.

Following such an incident, there is a litany of disciplinary actions a parent could take. In my house, I would have lost my car keys, been forced to pay for the repair, or maybe even been forced to do the repair myself over the weekend. Not to mention being grounded for a lifetime.

Haru’s parents must have felt a similar temptation to aggressively discipline. Yet, they managed to hold back. Instead, they found a creative way to turn the damage into an educational moment.

Outburst #3, Carved on Load-bearing Timber

Indeed, the parents took lemons and made lemonade. Rather than attempt to patch over the hole and forget what happened, they turned it into an edifying and inspirational creative work. See for yourself:

With permission from Haru (@haruk__27)

The quote is from Pythagoras. It reads: "Anger begins with folly, and ends with repentance." A poignant reminder for the future. The caption to the bottom-right reads "Outburst #3: inspired by my child." Apparently, this wasn't the first time.

A Cosmetic Fix

A hole in a wall is a relentless eyesore. A friend of mine found herself with one after a college party at the house she rented. From then on, it became the first thing anyone commented on when they came over. She got so sick of explaining the drunken shenanigans that had transpired that she covered it with a Nickleback poster. Much better...

Haru's parents, on the other hand, decided to embrace their predicament.

With permission from Haru (@haruk__27)

After a separate incident, they made Benji a home. It seems he was spelunking in the wall and wanted to play. Untouched, the opening would be a disheartening reminder of what happened. This way, it becomes a playful inspiration, a form of saying there is something positive on the other side.

Naturally, fans online were impressed with the parenting technique:

“What wonderful parents!”
"That's a very forward-looking and smart way of thinking."
"This is really good. I will try to handle things like this in my next time."
“They used humor to prevent something similar happening again. What awesome parents.”

By - Luke Mahoney.