In Japan, people have been mostly good and the majority have followed the general self-restraint attitude against going out during the coronavirus outbreak. With most restaurants, entertainment venues and parks closed anyway, there really isn’t much point in going out. But when you’re all cooped up at home for close to 24/7, there comes a point when the laziness kicks in and the loungewear comes out – well, if you’re not meeting up with anyone, there’s no real point in dressing to the nines right?

However, although the country appears to be shut down on the outside, hidden beneath the surface there is a mass of individuals and organisations who are keeping the country running. Supermarkets, farms and local governments are some of just many organisations that have to keep working during lockdown, but they wouldn’t be anywhere without their workforce.

So what do you do when you want to do your part for the country and provide services to these companies (or even for when we come out of lockdown) and you don’t own a suit jacket, and only have pikachu loungewear to fashion in your application form ID photo?

Fashion model, Vienna (@ViennaDoll) has a genius hack that she recently shared with her followers for how to fool any hiring company with a flawless suit ID photo, sans the suit.

Reproduced with permission from Vienna (@ViennaDoLL)

Looks pretty legit right?

Take a step back and have another glance.

Reproduced with permission from Vienna (@ViennaDoLL)

Reproduced with permission from Vienna (@ViennaDoLL)

It seems as though Vienna has discovered another use for those spare jeans that get tucked away in the back of our wardrobes.

The fashion model posted her hack to Twitter, where a number of her fans reacted to the comical, yet inventive trick.

  • “(' ⊙ ω ⊙ `) Too good at thinking” – @AZRLN_yuzuriha
  • “e! !! Smart! !!” – @calln_25
  • “I wouldn’t have come up with this method! You have a good mind!” – @rosavioretta

Others were quick to point out that although the idea is genius, most people have a jacket or two lying around at home.

  • “Great idea! I think you’re a genius! but... If you're at home, it's easy to find a jacket to wear normally…” – @sydneyO30667425

If you don’t have a jacket at home then the hack could definitely be a last-minute life-saver for a job hunter, and if you do, at least you can appreciate the creativity and entertainment that Vienna has shared during lockdown!

Vienna has been providing light comedic entertainment during the state of emergency, with a number of posts that focus on the funny faces that people pull during certain situations – if you are looking for a quick laugh to bring you up, we recommend checking her out on twitter or instagram!

Following on from her latest lockdown-life hack, who knows what the innovative fashion model will come up with next?

By - Connie Sceaphierde.