During the initial novel coronavirus outbreak and even now that the state of emergency is in effect, many supermarkets and drugstores remain open to serve the community.

Every day, there are many people visiting these store to purchase daily necessities.

In April 2020, Japan's Life Corporation, which manages the supermarket chain “Life” throughout Kinki and central east regions, was applauded for providing their employees who still continued to work while risking their own health, with an emergency appreciation bonus.

Furthermore, on May 7th, the company announced an emergency one-day closure for each branch of 275 stores.

“Our company would like to announce an emergency one-day closure for all our stores from the period of May 18th to 21st, to contribute to the prevention of spread of COVID-19, in an effort to improve hygiene and sanitation of our stores and to allow our employees to refresh and recover their mind and body. Moreover, we will be opening our stores at 11:00 am the next day of the store closure day, to allow each store to prepare for the re-opening.

To all our valued customers, we sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. We appreciate your support and understanding in this matter, so that we can continue to provide a safe environment for shopping to the community by strengthening the outbreak spread prevention strategy, and practicing it thoroughly."

The company also asks their customers to visit the store with composure.

The company received comments of applause on the internet, and trended very positively:

"I think it’s great, an amazing idea."

"Great work. I do wish they could get more rest, though, thank you so much for supporting our daily life."

"Their strategy is wonderful, not to mention the bonus. Resting is really important."

"They must be busy every day and deserve the break!"

By - Mugi.