Living in lockdown under the state of emergency, many of us aren’t getting as much exercise as we should. The same goes for our pets, plenty of whom have practically forgotten what fresh air smells like and can only reminisce about the days when a walk in the park was one of the pleasures of daily life.

Petokoto, a company that makes quality pet foods, recently conducted a survey of users using its Instagram account (@petokotolife). 85% of those who responded to the survey said that they were worried that their pet was not getting enough exercise.

While many pet owners are worried about the long-term consequences of not giving their pet enough exercise, they are too worried about the coronavirus to go to a veterinary clinic. Half of the survey respondents stated that getting to a veterinary clinic had become difficult since the state of emergency was declared on April 7th.

The survey also found that 95% of Petokoto customers would appreciate being able to consult a veterinarian online. In response, the company has launched a handy veterinary consultation service, whereby regular customers can consult a veterinarian via their LINE account.


Taisuke Okubo, CEO of Syrup (Petokoto’s parent company), says: “We dog and cat lovers are worried about the health of our pets during the lockdown. So, as the coronavirus spread all over the world, we decided to set up a veterinary consultation service.”

Takanori Sato, Petokoto’s in-house veterinarian, adds: “We hope that our consultation service will contribute to the enrichment of pets’ lives.”

Takanori Sato, Petokoto’s in-house veterinarian | © PR Times, Inc.

Petokoto Foods isn’t like most dog food manufacturers. They developed their range of products after careful consultation with dog lovers. They use more than nine fresh seasonal domestic meat and vegetables such as Kagoshima Wagyu, Sakurajima Dori, and Anno yam, crafting delicious pert food at their plant in Kagoshima Prefecture. Each meal is lovingly prepared by hand and only heated to the minimum necessary. The meals are delivered to your home frozen, so you can give your pet a fresh handmade meal safe in the knowledge that the nutritional value of the ingredients hasn’t been compromised.

Their range of dog foods can be eaten by all breeds of dogs of all ages, from puppies to senior dogs. The company is proud to say that their products meet the scrupulous standards set by the American Association of Feed Inspectors (AAFCO). Petokoto’s dog food recipes were created by Nick Cave, a specialist in veterinary nutrition at Massey University in New Zealand.

Nick Cave, creator of Petokoto Foods’ dog food recipes | © PR Times, Inc.


“It is very important that your dog food suits your dog's condition,” says Takanori Sato, Petokoto’s inhouse veterinarian. “For example, many people feed their pets more than the optimum number of calories, which increases the risk that they will become obese. Obesity puts stress on your pet’s heart and can lead to chronic conditions like diabetes.”

“That’s why we customize the optimal recipe, calorific content, and nutrients according to an original algorithm that we developed with Dr. Nick. We customise your dog’s diet based on its weight, body shape, the amount of exercise it gets, and its allergies. We also deliver to suit your pet’s schedule. What’s more, we can also devise a meal schedule for your pet in consultation with you. And our veterinarian and support staff can solve any psychological issues your pet may have with you.”

For more details of Petokoto’s veterinary consultation service, see their website here. Note that the service is only available to regular Petokoto customers and you will need a LINE account.

You can check out Petokoto’s Instagram account here.

By - George Lloyd.